Why an external recruiter might be your best option


Why is it increasingly difficult to fill a position?

Canada, and especially Quebec, are experiencing an unprecedented labor shortage due to retiring baby boomers. Some industries and regions are far more impacted. Qualified candidates are therefore spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing their employer. They no longer need to look for a job; the jobs come to them through external recruiters.


How to find talented candidates?

We must not wait for the candidates to come to us because it means fewer applications of random quality. Active job seekers are just the tip of the iceberg, while passive seekers make up a huge pool of workers who are usually more talented.

Passive seekers are people who have a job and who, without wishing to leave at all costs, are open to other opportunities that may present themselves. The specialty of external recruiters is to connect these passive job seekers with their clients.


Are external recruiting services too expensive for small enterprises?

What is expensive is the cost of a bad hire. Indeed, recruitment decisions are extremely important because the cost of choosing the wrong candidate can be enormous. According to a survey from CareerBuilder (2017), companies lose an average of $14,900 on every bad hire: time wasted to start over the hiring process, as well as the onboarding and training of the new employee, decreased productivity, decreased motivation of other employees, loss of customers, etc.

More and more business leaders are outsourcing their hiring processes as they understand that their time and that of their employees is valuable, and that an effective hiring process can have a significant impact on the performance and sustainability of their organization. They put all the odds on their side to find the right person as quickly as possible.


Why use Guimond Lavallée recruiting services?

– Have access to better candidates
Our network, tools and methodology allow us to quickly access a large pool of passive job seekers. These are qualified and competent candidates who are currently employed and who for various reasons might be open to changing employers.


– Meet only the best
Analyzing a pile of resumes and conducting pre-screening interviews with potential candidates can be time consuming. When you entrust us with your recruitment, we take care of sorting candidates by eliminating those who do not suit your needs. We can also give the candidates technical skills or psychometric tests. This means that you select your candidate from among the best and most suitable for the position.


– Ensure a thorough background check
Before making a decision on hiring a candidate, we will send you a background check report (criminal record, employer references, validation of academic background and professional credentials, etc.) to avoid bad surprises.


– Be accompanied by a trusted partner
Retaining the recruiting services of Guimond Lavallée means working with a trusted partner who accompanies you throughout the whole recruiting process. In addition to helping you find the right person for the job, we can help you in:
o writing the job description;
o developing the desired candidate profile;
o preparing and animating the hiring interviews;
o analyzing the applications;
o negotiating terms with candidates by providing you with market data.


What are the fees?

By using the recruiting services of Guimond Lavallée, you pay a fee only when you hire a candidate. In addition, each hire made through our services is accompanied by a guarantee period. Thus, if for some reason the employee leaves the company we will start over the