Annie-Claude Courchesne, Newly Appointed Partner


Guimond Lavallée is proud to announce the appointment of Annie-Claude Courchesne as Partner. After more than seven years as Director – Consulting Services and Assurance, Annie-Claude embraces this new challenge with enthusiasm. We invite you to read our interview with Annie-Claude to learn more about her career and aspirations.


Q: Let’s look back specifically to 2011 when you made the jump from a large firm to Guimond Lavallée. What prompted you to make this important change?
Annie-Claude: First of all, my hopes and dreams have always been the same. To meet professional challenges while maintaining a good work/life balance. As of my first encounter with Guimond Lavallée, specifically with Vanessa Guimond, David Lavallée and Geneviève Manny, I felt a real connection between us. Our values, our vision of customer service and work were, and still are, common ground. Guimond Lavallée represents the ideal environment to develop my career.


Q: In recent years, what is your best memory of Guimond Lavallée?
Annie-Claude: Good question. No specific memory comes to mind. It’s simple; everything I have experienced here, as a whole, is a good memory. All the accomplishments of my clients, their progress, the gratitude and of course the enjoyable moments with my colleagues … in all, these are my most precious memories!


Q: If a colleague were to describe you, what would he say about you?
Annie-Claude: He would probably refer to my listening skills. I take the time to understand the reality of each individual, to show empathy and understanding. This comes naturally, I truly appreciate the people I meet at work.


Q: Now, if a client had to describe you, what would he say?
Annie-Claude: I would imagine he would say the quality of my service. Well, I hope! It’s so important to me. In fact, my way of thinking is: I make sure the quality of work I offer to our clients matches what I would expect in return. In my opinion, it is an effective approach to guarantee quality work.


Q: What is your vision for Guimond Lavallée as a partner?
Annie-Claude: My vision, also shared by my colleagues is to ensure the growth of Guimond Lavallée. This growth, already in motion, must be done without losing what defines us, what is in our DNA, while remaining oriented to the well-being of clients and employees. In addition, we are proud of the variety and complementary service offered at our firm. This is a “one stop shop” which we have developed and would like to exploit to its full potential!


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